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Photograph with detailed view of a corroded car battery showing wires and connectors.

The Fischer vs. DIY

Compare The Fischer and DIY iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis treatment. Learn about safety, effectiveness, and insurance coverage options. Read through...

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A woman in a yellow shirt holds her arm, examining sweat stains on her clothing which could be caused by hyperhidrosis (axillary hyperhidrosis).

The Fischer vs. miraDry

Compare Fischer and miraDry for hyperhidrosis treatment. Learn about effectiveness, safety, and coverage options. miraDry is a newer treatment...

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Close-up photograph of the white water bath trays for RA Fischer's "The Fischer" Device with ph-balancing foam inside the tray. It is sitting on a flat wooden surface

The Fischer vs. Hidrex

The Fischer and Hidrex's DVP 450 and 1000 are FDA-Cleared iontophoresis machines here in the U.S. However, our modern...

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In a cozy home setting, a young woman sits contentedly,she addresses her palmar (hands) hyperhidrosis using RA Fischer Co.'s original metal-free iontophoresis device, "The Fischer." Her hands are immersed in the white water bath trays, complete with blue pH-balancing foam and silicone-graphite electrodes, representing a comprehensive and effective approach to managing her condition.

The Fischer vs. Dermadry

Dermadry is a Canadian-based discount iontophoresis company. The Fischer's modern iontophoresis treatment far surpasses theirs in terms of speed,...

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In this visual, we observe a woman in a black tank top carefully positioning the underarm attachments within her armpits. These attachments are designed specifically for "The Fischer," RA Fischer Co.'s original metal-free iontophoresis device meticulously engineered for hyperhidrosis treatment. In this context, she is effectively addressing axillary hyperhidrosis, characterized by excessive underarm sweating, using these specialized attachments.

How To Use The Fischer: Underarms

The Fischer: Underarms is a modern, metal-free iontophoresis device. Silicone-graphite electrodes with soft sponge pad inserts deliver a better,...

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