About Us

For almost 80 years, RA Fischer and AR Hinkel, have been the innovation leaders of electronic medical devices including the iontophoresis machine and epilators. They are dedicated to the development of fine medical products that can be reliably produced, delivered and supported.

Their products are registered in the United States as medical devices and approved for electrical safety in the US by independent testing labs. Their products are only available to licensed physicians or by prescription use only.

The original founder of RA Fischer, Robert Fischer, first pioneered the iontophoresis machine as an effective non-surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis during the mid- 1940’s. Seventy years later, RA Fischer is still known for their quality products, innovation and commitment to helping those who suffer from hyperhidrosis achieve a happier lifestyle.

Arthur Hinkel, the founder of AR Hinkel, received a patent for his blend of galvanic and high frequency current in epilators. He spent over 35 years operating the Wilshire School of Electrology in Los Angeles and Orange County. AR Hinkel is still known as the leading innovator in development of epilators worldwide.