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Since the 1950s, RA Fischer has been the preferred DME & HME provider for medical professionals around the world. Our metal-free iontophoresis device is safer, easier, and more effective than traditional hyperhidrosis solutions. Our urology supplies are DEHP/DINP & BPA-Free. Experience the difference for yourself.

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Silicone-Graphite Electrodes


Active Treatment Display (ATD)


Direct & Pulsed Current


3-Button Interface


Custom pH-Balancing Inserts


Ergonomic Armrests

The Fischer Iontophoresis Device

Hands and feet dripping with sweat? Are your shirts always soaked? Designed for Palmar, Plantar, and Axillary Hyperhidrosis patients, The Fischer is a modern iontophoresis machine. World’s 1st metal-free option!

  • FDA-Cleared

  • Dual Hands & Feet

  • 98% Success Rate

  • 4-Year Warranty

  • Treatment Specialist

  • Covered By Insurance

Catheters & Urology Supplies

Need an easier way to get your monthly urology supplies? Shop straight and coude-tip catheters, kits, and other supplies. Personalized around your doctor’s prescription and covered by insurance.

  • Straight & coude-tip

  • Lubricated

  • Home Kits

  • Polished Eyelets

Don’t Have Insurance?

Review your out-of-pocket options – including monthly payment plans – with one of our Treatment Specialists.

A Life-Changer

“Exceptional help working with insurance and doctor. The iontophoresis machine has been a life changer for me. Drysol was annoying to use and becoming nearly impossible to find, the new machine works better, more convenient, and allows me to have dry hands and feet with use only once a week.”

— Tyler H.

Absolutely Recommend

“My son has only been using the machine for a week, but has already noticed a marked decline in the amount of hand sweating. Absolutely recommend the machine as well as RA Fischer. Thank you!”

— Annemarie B.

This Machine Works

“My son has suffered for several years with hyperhidrosis and it has affected his quality of life. Thankfully, this machine works! We are hoping to completely stop taking the medication soon and just rely on the machine solely. His confidence and self esteem has improved!”

— Stephanie

I Tried Different Products

“I have been suffering from Hyperhidrosis for as long I could remember. I tried different products with no luck. Finally my dermatologist said I should try iontophoresis. I got in contact with with Ra Fischer and spoke with a representative and they quickly got the process started. I received my machine pretty quickly and was so excited and just amazed of how fast I saw results.”

— Alicia

I’m Extremely Thankful

“I struggled with hyperhidrosis my whole life and tried other methods that didn’t work. I highly suggest to give iontophoresis a try! I’m extremely thankful that my dermatologist mentioned this to me! :)”

— Geraldine

Amazing To Work With

“RA Fischer Co. was amazing to work with. Their customer service representative was extremely helpful. She went above and beyond contacting my doctor and my insurance company to ensure that I received my needed iontophoresis machine at no cost to me.”

— Lisa

How To Get Started


    Talk To Your Doctor

    Our medical equipment and supplies are FDA-Cleared, meaning all U.S. patients require a prescription. Check out our Forms & Download Guides page for prescription authorization forms.


    Contact RA Fischer Co.

    Interested to see if we’re able to work with your insurance? Our Treatment Specialists will look into your benefits and eligibility. Need to go out-of-pocket? Review your options today!



    Get What You Need

    Our insurance department will file the prior-authorization and claim with your provider on your behalf. Your order is delivered right to your doorstep in discrete packaging.


    Join Our Success Stories

    For hyperhidrosis patients, most see a noticeable reduction in sweat within the first 2-weeks! For urology patients, never run out of supplies ever again. Part of our success is a frictionless patient experience.


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60-Day Money Back Guarantee,
Hassle-Free Returns

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Moorpark, California, USA

Patient Tutorial Videos

Learn how The Fischer iontophoresis device uses a mild electrical current to “plug up” your sweat pores with the organic minerals found in tap water. Patients have access to our full catalog of tutorial videos, from iontophoresis walk-throughs to self-catheterizing best practices.

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Helpful Forms & Download Guides

Insurance Reimbursement Guide

Seek payment from your provider without first waiting for approval.

Iontophoresis Physicians Booklet

Learn how easy it is to refer patients to RA Fischer Co. for iontophoresis.

Insurance & Physician Packet

Bring this to your doctor to pursue a prescription and insurance coverage.