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Sponge Pad Attachments

For Underarm Sweating

  • Support from Treatment Specialists
  • FDA-Approved for home use
  • Treats hands, feet & underarms
  • Can be used unassisted
  • Digital LCD screen w/ memory
  • Preferred by young adults & kids

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The Doctors welcome back Sydney, who was suffering from hyperhidrosis of her hands and feet. She returns after using our MD-2 iontophoresis device and shares how her life has changed.


Fitness legend John Basedow partnered with RA Fischer Co. to help fight the stigma around excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis in this review of our MD-2 iontophoresis device.


Caryn, a professional flutist living in New York City, has suffered from hyperhidrosis all her life. She discusses her symptoms, struggles, and how she’s overcome them all with iontophoresis.


Meet Our Team Of Happy-Hidrosis Helpers

What separates RA Fischer Co. from our competition? Two words: personal service. Your Treatment Specialist (whom you’ll know by name) is available to answer your questions, work with your insurance provider, and help secure a prescription from your doctor. Try getting that from a support team overseas….

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Authorized to work with insurance
  • Trained in HIPAA compliance
  • Fun, friendly, and full of knowledge!

This Machine Works!

“My son has suffered for several years with hyperhidrosis and it has affected his quality of life. Thankfully, this machine works!!! He has been taking oral medication for years (that has side effects) and he has been able to lower his dosage after using this machine for a few weeks. We are hoping to completely stop taking the medication soon and just rely on the machine solely. His confidence and self esteem has improved!”

— Stephanie

As Seen In

“I was skeptical and I had tried a lot of things, but after consistent treatment I’ve seen a really big difference. I feel like I sweat like a normal person now.”
The Doctors Show

“In as little as two weeks, patients usually begin to experience a reduction in their level of sweating.”

“This is a machine setup you can use right at home, and it comes in this very handy portable case.”
John Basedow

“The MD-2 includes several pre-set treatment modes and its customizable user-memory allows one-touch set-up.”
Hyperhidrosis Network

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We Love Police Officers, First Responders & Firefighters

To help say ‘Thank you’ to all that you do, we offer Police Offers, First Responders, and Firefighters a 15% discount on iontophoresis. Because you can’t serve your communities when you’re covered in sweat! Contact our Treatment Specialists to learn more.

We Love Our Troops & Veterans, Too

RA Fischer Co. accepts Tricare insurance for all active and former members of our military, so the cost of iontophoersis is 100% covered. We’re also authorized partners with Veterans Affairs. Contact our Treatment Specialists to learn more.


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