Overhead photograph of a person treating their plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet) using RA Fischer Co.'s The Fischer iontophoresis device on a wooden floor. Each foot is in a white tray that has blue foam inside.

Iontophoresis Devices: The Fischer vs. Drionic

When considering Fischer vs Drionic iontophoresis devices, an FDA warning letter about Drionic raises concerns about their failure to meet manufacturing standards and provide adequate clinical proof.

At RA Fischer Co., we’ve consistently met and surpassed the FDA’s stringent criteria for over 30 years. Our Southern California facility undergoes regular inspections to ensure compliance, demonstrating our commitment to quality and legality in the iontophoresis device market. We’re proud to say that we’ve built our business the right way! Read on to learn how the Fischer iontophoresis device compares to the Drionic machine.

RA Fischer Co. Vs. DRIONIC


Fischer vs Drionic iontophoresis devices




At RA Fischer Co., we take great pride in offering an extended 4-Year Warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind and long-term support for their investments.


Additionally, our commitment to exceptional customer service goes beyond just warranties. We’ve meticulously designed a hassle-free and efficient support system to facilitate returns and address any issues promptly.

We understand the inconvenience and added cost associated with shipping devices internationally, especially for repairs. When you choose RA Fischer Co., you’ll benefit from the convenience of shipping your device to our dedicated headquarters, conveniently located in Moorpark, CA. This ensures a streamlined process, reducing shipping times and costs while maximizing your overall satisfaction with our services.

At RA Fischer Co., convenience meets quality – because your time and peace of mind matter.

RA Fischer Co. stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. With our extended warranty, efficient support system, and domestic repair services, we ensure your experience with us is marked by convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.



The Long-Term Cost of Proprietary Batteries: A Closer Look at Drionic

The reason behind the noticeable price gap between our iontophoresis devices and Drionic’s offerings is quite straightforward. Drionic’s machines are battery-powered, which not only inflates the initial purchase cost but also results in recurring expenses.


What makes matters worse is that these devices require proprietary batteries, meaning users have no choice but to regularly buy them directly from Drionic, thereby fostering an ongoing dependence on their products and driving up the overall ownership costs.

A few other things to keep in mind:


RA Fischer Co.: A Trusted Name in FDA-Approved Medical Devices

The FDA’s warning letter regarding Drionic underscores the importance of choosing a reliable and reputable source for medical devices.  At RA Fischer Co., we take immense pride in our long-standing commitment to meeting and exceeding the FDA’s rigorous standards.


Our transparent and cost-effective approach not only offers you a superior product but also ensures peace of mind with our extended 4-Year Warranty and efficient support system. We believe in doing business the right way, prioritizing customer satisfaction and convenience.


When considering the substantial price difference between our iontophoresis devices and Drionic’s, remember that our dedication to quality and customer-centric values ensures that you get the best value for your investment without the burden of proprietary batteries and recurring expenses. Your well-being and satisfaction remain at the core of our mission, and we invite you to experience the RA Fischer Co. difference.

Don't let proprietary batteries drain your wallet. RA Fischer Co. offers a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Is the Fischer right for you?

The Fischer iontophoresis device is fast, safe, and effective for patients struggling with sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.


Our device is FDA-approved for those dealing with palmar, plantar, or axillary hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating. Treat from the convenience of home, results within 2-weeks. It’s a more practical (and effective) approach to managing sweat.

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.


Reach out today

Contact one of our Treatment Specialists today to answer any and all of your questions about the Fischer. 

Revolutionizing Treatment with Fischer Iontophoresis

If you suspect that hyperhidrosis is casting a shadow over your life, it’s crucial to start a conversation with your doctor. We’ve compiled essential questions about hyperhidrosis to assist you in this discussion. Discover the different types, recognize common symptoms, and explore the diagnostic methods available. From traditional treatments to innovative solutions like Ionotophoresis, including the cutting-edge Fischer Iontophoresis device, there are avenues to combat excessive sweating.


Don’t let hyperhidrosis hold you back; take charge of your life and your confidence today.

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