Photograph of a person holding a yellow pill bottle with a white pills inside. Contains medication for oral consumption.

Iontophoresis Devices: The Fischer vs. Prescription Medications


Have you ever noticed how prescription medication commercials always seem to have an extensive list of potential side effects? This is because these medications, including those for hyperhidrosis, often come with a wide range of side effects. In our experience working with patients, we’ve encountered numerous reports of adverse reactions. For instance, some patients have faced difficulties with urination, while others have found their eyes becoming excessively dry.

Photograph of a person holding a yellow pill bottle with a white pills inside. Contains medication for oral consumption.

The reason behind these side effects is that while these medications effectively reduce sweating, they often do so by significantly drying out the body. This can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as a persistent dry mouth and blurred vision. Unfortunately, these are just a few examples from the long list of side effects that patients might experience when taking hyperhidrosis medications.


In this overview, we’ll take a closer look at hyperhidrosis treatments to compare prescription medications and the innovative method of iontophoresis with The Fischer. 





When comparing the treatment options for hyperhidrosis, it’s patients should consider the potential side effects. Prescription medications can come with various side effects, ranging from mild to severe, potentially impacting one’s quality of life.


In contrast, RA Fischer Co.’s all-natural iontophoresis treatment offers a gentle approach with minimal side effects. The safety and effectiveness that come with The Fischer have led many pediatricians to refer even their youngest patients, as young as six years old, to this innovative solution. This natural alternative provides peace of mind for both parents and medical professionals, making it a preferred choice for hyperhidrosis management.

Parents are relieved to discover The Fischer; a safe and natural solution for their children's excessive sweating.

Here’s a quote from a patient who switched to The Fischer:

‘I have been battling palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember (now age 25). I tried Drysol, anticholingergics, Qbrexza, and Carpe lotion. They either dried out my hands too much to the point where they were cracking, caused too many adverse side effects that I didn’t think were worth it, or just didn’t control my sweating enough.’


Prescription medications often require a daily commitment, involving taking pills one to two times a day. If you’re a parent dealing with your child’s hyperhidrosis, we strongly advise considering the potential side effects of these medications.

An individual effectively managing palmar (hands) hyperhidrosis utilizes RA Fischer Co.'s original metal-free iontophoresis device, "The Fischer." Their hand is comfortably placed within one of the white water bath trays containing blue pH-balancing foam and equipped with silicone-graphite electrodes, demonstrating a comprehensive solution for treating their condition.

Instead, consider this alternative: imagine yourself in a 15-20 minute iontophoresis session, enjoying your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix. Not only does this approach effectively address hyperhidrosis, but it also provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Moreover, it offers a wonderful opportunity for quality bonding time with your child, as you can share stories and engage in activities that strengthen your connection. By choosing iontophoresis, you not only address the condition naturally but also enhance your overall experience.


iii. COST

Iontophoresis with The Fischer stands out as a sustainable, long-term solution for hyperhidrosis management. Its affordability is particularly noteworthy, thanks to flexible payment options that make it a more economical choice compared to the ongoing expenses associated with prescription medications.

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When you consider the add-up costs of frequent pharmacy visits, including co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses for those unexpected months, and the time and fuel spent traveling back and forth each month, it raises the question: what is the true value of your time worth? 

With The Fischer, you're not just saving money; you're reclaiming your time and peace of mind.

Is the Fischer right for you?

The Fischer iontophoresis device is fast, safe, and effective for patients struggling with sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.


Our device is FDA-approved for those dealing with palmar, plantar, or axillary hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating. Treat from the convenience of home, results within 2-weeks. It’s a more practical (and effective) approach to managing sweat.

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.

A young woman with brown hair standing at a table in a cozy-looking home. She is smiling and opening a box for RA Fischer Co.'s "The Fischer" iontophoresis device, made for treating hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating).

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.


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Revolutionizing Treatment with Fischer Iontophoresis

If you suspect that hyperhidrosis is casting a shadow over your life, it’s crucial to start a conversation with your doctor. We’ve compiled essential questions about hyperhidrosis to assist you in this discussion. Discover the different types, recognize common symptoms, and explore the diagnostic methods available. From traditional treatments to innovative solutions like Ionotophoresis, including the cutting-edge Fischer Iontophoresis device, there are avenues to combat excessive sweating.


Don’t let hyperhidrosis hold you back; take charge of your life and your confidence today.

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