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Empowering restful nights, the PureWick™ System is your answer for a safer, undisturbed sleep
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“By using the PureWick™ System, my patients have experienced better sleep.  It also allows their caregivers and family members to have better sleep since they are not having to get up multiple times overnight to assist their loved ones with going to the restroom and with changing wet incontinence garments.”

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Enhance sleep with the PureWick™ System, a user-friendly solution designed for men and women facing incontinence. This innovative system reduces nighttime bathroom visits, a prevalent cause of falls among the elderly, promoting uninterrupted sleep and ease of use for individuals or their caregivers. It’s a practical, comfortable, and reliable choice for those seeking a simplified, secure nocturnal experience.
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The PureWick™ System is a revolutionary, non-invasive solution designed to manage urinary incontinence effectively and with utmost comfort.
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PureWick™ has helped tremendously during the sleeping hours. It is an amazing product.
- Diane G. via BD

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I have recommended use of this device with many of my patients. I find the PureWick™ System very useful as an option for patients with urinary incontinence, especially nighttime symptoms.
- Dr. Kelly Jirschele

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Discover a life where managing urinary incontinence becomes a breeze, and peaceful nights are the new normal. Dive into our case studies and success stories to see the transformative journey of our users. Ready to explore real-life impacts?


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