In front of a bathroom mirror, a man wearing a blue shirt scrutinizes a sweat stain on his armpit, which could be from axillary hyperhidrosis

The Fischer vs. QBREXZA ®


QBREXZA ® is a new solution on the market. Recently cleared by the FDA, QBREXZA ® is a disposable medicated wipe that treats underarm sweating only.


The Fischer, however, is designed for palmar (hands), plantar (feet), and axillary (underarms) hyperhidrosis patients.

In front of a bathroom mirror, a man wearing a blue shirt scrutinizes a sweat stain on his armpit, which could be from axillary hyperhidrosis

In this overview, we’ll take a closer look at hyperhidrosis treatments to compare QBREXZA ® wipes and the innovative method of iontophoresis with The Fischer. 

RA Fischer Co. Vs. QBREXZA ®



The Side Effects of Qbrexza Wipes: A Closer Look at Mydriasis

Qbrexza wipes, a popular choice for managing excessive sweating, come with hidden risks that demand our attention. One concerning side-effect is Mydriasis, which causes abnormal dilation of pupils, often likened to the appearance of someone under the influence. This condition is listed as a side-effect of using Qbrexza, and even slight contact with the solution in one’s eye can lead to Urgent Care visits. With additional warnings about blurred vision, trouble urinating, and a weak pulse, Qbrexza’s risks become apparent. Patients should evaluate these potential dangers and seek input from a healthcare professional before choosing this treatment for excessive sweating. Your health should always be the top priority.


If you prioritize natural and chemical-free alternatives for managing excessive sweating, consider RA Fischer Co.’s Iontophoresis treatment The Fischer, which stands out for its all-natural approach. With no harmful chemicals to worry about, it is a promising answer for those seeking effective and safe solutions.




Balancing the risks and benefits is essential in the pursuit of a sweat-free life. Prioritize safety and health throughout your journey.

Qbrexza Wipes: Limited Scope of Treatment

Qbrexza wipes are designed to only address primary axillary hyperhidrosis, targeting excessive underarm sweating. Unfortunately, Qbrexza’s effectiveness is limited to treating underarm hyperhidrosis exclusively. If you’re dealing with excessive sweating in other areas like your hands or feet, Qbrexza may not be the solution you’re looking for.

In this scene, we observe a woman elegantly attired in a white blouse and comfortably clad in jeans as she gracefully immerses her hands and feet into the water bath trays of the Fischer iontophoresis device, thoughtfully designed to offer relief from the burdensome challenges of palmar hyperhidrosis (excessive hand sweating) and plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive foot sweating). The Fischer iontophoresis device, proudly crafted by RA Fischer Co., stands out as an innovative solution, as it seamlessly allows for the concurrent treatment of both hands and feet, underscoring its effectiveness and convenience in addressing these perspiration-related concerns. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant step towards enhancing the quality of life for individuals dealing with hyperhidrosis.

This limitation highlights the importance of exploring comprehensive treatment options that can address hyperhidrosis across various parts of the body, ensuring a more holistic approach to this condition. The Fischer iontophoresis device stands out as a notable solution capable of treating all three areas—underarms, hands, and feet—providing a more versatile option for those with widespread hyperhidrosis concerns.

Eco-Friendly Concerns: Qbrexza's Environmental Impact

Qbrexza wipes, while convenient, pose environmental concerns. They fall into the category of disposable products that have been associated with adverse effects on the environment, particularly in terms of their impact on sewer systems.

Unlike disposable products, the Fischer device is a one-time purchase that utilizes natural minerals found in tap water, eliminating the need for ongoing waste generation. This sustainable approach not only benefits individuals seeking effective hyperhidrosis treatment but also aligns with eco-conscious choices, making it a responsible and environmentally friendly solution for managing this condition.

Counting the Costs: Qbrexza vs. Iontophoresis

Those suffering with hyperhidrosis should consider the expenses of Qbrexza, which may include co-pays or paying around $550 for a 30-day supply out of your pocket. These costs add up significantly over time! It’s important to keep these long-term costs in mind when evaluating hyperhidrosis treatment options. 

The Fischer iontophoresis device offers a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to managing hyperhidrosis, especially when it can be covered 100% by insurance providers.

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Make the switch to the Fischer iontophoresis device for a lifetime of dry, confident moments, without the hassle of monthly prescription refills.

Is the Fischer right for you?

The Fischer iontophoresis device is fast, safe, and effective for patients struggling with sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.


Our device is FDA-approved for those dealing with palmar, plantar, or axillary hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating. Treat from the convenience of home, results within 2-weeks. It’s a more practical (and effective) approach to managing sweat.

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.

A young woman with brown hair standing at a table in a cozy-looking home. She is smiling and opening a box for RA Fischer Co.'s "The Fischer" iontophoresis device, made for treating hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating).

The Fischer boasts a 98% success rate for patients! Reach out to a Treatment Specialist today to learn more and check your insurance coverage.


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Contact one of our Treatment Specialists today to answer any and all of your questions about the Fischer. 

Revolutionizing Treatment with Fischer Iontophoresis

If you suspect that hyperhidrosis is casting a shadow over your life, it’s crucial to start a conversation with your doctor. We’ve compiled essential questions about hyperhidrosis to assist you in this discussion. Discover the different types, recognize common symptoms, and explore the diagnostic methods available. From traditional treatments to innovative solutions like Ionotophoresis, including the cutting-edge Fischer Iontophoresis device, there are avenues to combat excessive sweating.


Don’t let hyperhidrosis hold you back; take charge of your life and your confidence today.

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