Review Your Coverage Options

Our home iontophoresis machine is considered a medical necessity by some major insurance carriers. We work with Tricare, Humana, Aetna, United & more. Let RA Fischer Co.’s friendly experts review your coverage options and assist with obtaining a prior-authorization from your insurer.*

*We get that nobody likes talking to insurance companies or doctors’ offices over the phone. That’s why we do it for you!


When We’re ‘Out-of-Network’

Unfortunately, some insurance companies label hyperhidrosis as a “discomfort” and not a debilitating medical condition. By going directly to your provider, you have a higher likelihood of getting reimbursed for your purchase. We’ve created this Insurance Reimbursement Guide to help you navigate the reimbursement maze.

We’re HIPAA compliant. Submitting this form gives us permission to contact your insurance carrier to check into your benefits and eligibility on your behalf. Questions? Just email us.

How The Insurance Process Works


    Send Paperwork

    Have your doctor’s office complete the Insurance & Physician’s Packet. Then, email it to, or fax it to (818) 775-2941.


    Eligibility & Benefits

    Your personal Treatment Specialist will check into your insurance coverage and review your policy details and deductibles with you.




    If we’re able to work with your insurance company, the next step is filing a prior-authorization request. We submit the paperwork provided by your doctor’s ofifice. Insurance companies have 14-business-days to respond.


    Approved (yay!)

    Once prior authorization is approved, we’ll send you an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form. You can choose to receive the device the same day we file your claim, or wait until we recieved payment from your insurance company.



    Denied (now what?)

    Don’t worry. We deal with denials all the time. The best way to overturn the decision made by your insurance company is to file an appeal letter. We have guidelines on how best to make your case here.


    File Claim

    Once we recieve a signed copy of the ABN form, we’ll file your insurance claim for The Fischer. Providers can take 60-90 days (on average) to officially approve the claim. Even if prior-authorization has been approved, it does not guarantee payment or coverage of The Fischer. Insurance companies may cite policy language, deductible requirements, or deem iontophoresis as experimental/investigational.



    Beat Sweat

    Finally, after all that, you have your device! Most people see a signifigant reduction in sweat within the first 2-weeks.