A captured image provides an in-depth look at RA Fischer's groundbreaking 'The Fischer' Device, highlighting the central element of this specialized iontophoresis device, referred to as the 'main control unit.' This meticulously crafted device is tailored specifically for addressing the challenging condition of hyperhidrosis, which involves excessive sweating. The 'main control unit' showcases a sleek white rectangular design, housing a grey screen adorned with strategically placed buttons labeled 'SET' and accompanied by directional arrows for precise control. In the lower right corner, the distinct logo of the Fischer device adds a touch of brand identity to this innovative solution for managing hyperhidrosis. The composition of the photograph is thoughtfully set to provide a comprehensive view of this device's features and functionality.


People seeking hyperhidrosis treatment frequently consult doctors specializing in hyperhidrosis, particularly dermatologists. These skin experts excel in managing conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Dermatologists are equipped to diagnose and treat hyperhidrosis using different methods, including iontophoresis therapy with devices like The Fischer by RA Fischer Co.

The Fischer is the preferred choice by most dermatologists across the United States.

In addition to dermatologists, your family doctor may also be well-versed in the challenges of hyperhidrosis and the therapeutic options available, including The Fischer iontophoresis device. They can provide valuable insights into managing this condition and are authorized to prescribe The Fischer, making it a convenient option for those seeking relief. This multidisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive care for hyperhidrosis patients, from diagnosis to treatment.

Q: How much does iontophoresis cost?

Doctors that treat hyperhidrosis

Insurance plans frequently cover iontophoresis treatment for hyperhidrosis when using The Fischer device by RA Fischer Co. This coverage usually spans most, if not all, therapy costs.


For uninsured individuals or those facing high deductibles, payment plans that are offered by RA Fischer Co. often make this life-changing treatment more accessible. Consequently, more people can enjoy an improved quality of life without the stress of financial hurdles.


Tap-Water Iontophoresis: A proactive approach to managing hyperhidrosis with lasting results.

Q: Is Botox or iontophoresis better for hyperhidrosis?

Doctors that treat hyperhidrosis

Iontophoresis devices, particularly The Fischer, outperform BOTOX® injections in treating hyperhidrosis. They ensure safety, causing no serious side effects unlike BOTOX®, which may lead to numerous potential adverse reactions.


The Fischer offers a pain-free treatment experience, unlike the discomfort BOTOX® injections may cause. This advantage makes The Fischer ideal for all ages, including children. 


Unlike BOTOX® injections, which can result in expensive recurring out-of-pocket costs, iontophoresis treatment with The Fischer is often covered by insurance, providing a more cost-effective solution for managing hyperhidrosis.

Q: What is the drug of choice for hyperhidrosis?

Doctors that treat hyperhidrosis

FDA-approved iontophoresis devices, like The Fischer, stand out as the top choice for many battling hyperhidrosis. This technology targets excessive sweating directly, bypassing the need for oral drugs or surgery.


Many medications used to manage hyperhidrosis can lead to discomfort and adverse reactions, ranging from mild to severe. With the Fischer, these concerns are alleviated. The Fischer iontophoresis device offers a non-invasive alternative without the risk of systemic side effects, providing effective hyperhidrosis relief with peace of mind.


Regular use of The Fischer device can drastically cut sweat production. This safe, non-invasive option offers a reliable way to control hyperhidrosis symptoms, avoiding the side effects common with medications.

Q: Is iontophoresis covered by insurance?

Doctors that treat hyperhidrosis

Yes, iontophoresis treatment for hyperhidrosis using The Fischer device by RA Fischer Co is often covered by insurance plans. Many insurance providers recognize the medical necessity of this therapy for managing hyperhidrosis symptoms and offer coverage for the treatment.

This accessibility to insurance coverage ensures that individuals can receive the relief they need from excessive sweating without facing financial barriers. Often, insurance may cover the entire cost of the Fischer iontophoresis device. 

Q: How long does it take to see results from iontophoresis?

Patients typically notice improvements within a few weeks when consistently using The Fischer device by RA Fischer Co for hyperhidrosis treatment. The device’s precise electrical currents directly target the sweat glands, gradually reducing excessive sweating. Maintaining a regular treatment schedule is crucial for the best outcomes.


Questions about your treatment plan? Contact an RA Fischer Co. Treatment Specialist .


Q: Is iontophoresis FDA approved?

Yes, the FDA has approved The Fischer device by RA Fischer Co as a safe and effective iontophoresis treatment option.


Not every device on the market has this approval. However, The Fischer device has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to meet FDA standards, proving its reliability and performance. Its approval and proven track record offer a reliable solution for those struggling with excessive sweating.


The Fischer device provides a safe and effective solution for hyperhidrosis when used correctly and with proper medical oversight.

Q: Is the Fischer right for you?

The Fischer is FDA-approved for treating hyperhidrosis in the hands, feet, and underarms. You can achieve results from home within two weeks, making it a practical and efficient sweat management strategy.

With a 98% success rate, The Fischer stands out as a top treatment option. It’s a more practical (and effective) approach to managing sweat.


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Revolutionizing Treatment with Fischer Iontophoresis

If hyperhidrosis overshadows your life, it may be time to start discussing it with your doctor. We’ve prepared questions to start this conversation, covering hyperhidrosis types, symptoms, and diagnostic approaches. Learn why The Fischer is the best solution to combat excessive sweating.


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