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Silicon-Graphite Electrodes


Active Treatment Display (ATD)


Direct & Pulsed Current


3-Button Interface


Custom pH-Balancing Inserts


Ergonomic Armrests

The Fischer vs. Hidrex

The Fischer and Hidrex’s DVP 450 and 1000 are FDA-Cleared iontophoesis machines here in the U.S. However, our modern iontophoresis treatment far surpasses Hidrex in terms of speed, effectiveness, and safety. Even better: RA Fischer is able to work directly with insurance companies to try and get the cost of the device covered for patients. Hidrex cannot.

Key differences
  •    Silicone-Graphite Electrodes
  •    Flexible Underarm Electrodes
  •    No Open Metal Contacts
  •    Auto Polarity Switch
  •    Intuitive User Interface
  •    Active Treatment Display
  •    High Current/ High Voltage
  •    Treats Hands & Feet Simultaneously
  •    Long Term Warranty


Covered By Major Insurances
  • 4-Years


  • (for DP450)
  • 5-Years (control unit only)

I. Reputation

Hidrex isn’t able to work directly with insurance providers to get the cost of their device covered for hyperhidrosis patients. Our Treatment Specialists, however, have a long history of working with providers like Tricare, Aetna, United, and more. A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Hidrex’s DP450 Model: max 40 Vmeans max 20 mA at 2 kOhm
  • Hidrex’s DVP1000 Model: max 60 Vmeans max 30 mA at 2 kOhm (up to 35 mA at lower body resistances)
  • No automatic polarity change
  • No combined hand/feet treatment offered
  • Hidrex’s 5-year warranty only covers main control unit

II. Usability

Hidrex’s iontophoresis machines rely on traditional metal electrode plates. Whether they’re made of aluminim or stainless steel, these plates will corrode over time due to the very basic/acidic environment. You may notice discoloration on the surface. According to Hidrex‘s own website:

“It is normal for at least one of the electrodes to become discolored after just a couple of uses. Typically, the black electrode (the negative side) gets discolored faster or more.”

The Hidrex electrodes need to be regularly cleaned, which increases the electrical resistance and makes treatment less effective over time. Or, the plates may even need to be replaced if you start to notice pitting – small holes in the metal.

What’s worse: metal ions are released into the water during treatment, most likely entering into the skin as well. This is why traditional iontophoresis is not suitable for patients with metal allergies.

The Fischer uses state-of-the-art silicone-graphite electrodes. Metal-free and soft to the touch, our electrodes cover up to 33% more surface area during treatment. They’re also signifigantly more durable and won’t ever corrode. Again, no-metal.

If you’re looking to treat both hands and feet at the same time, you’ll have the purchase an additional accessory from Hidrex. The Fischer comes with everything you need.

III. Cost

The Fischer and Hidrex bundles are available out-of-pocket for similar pricepoints. If you’re interested to see if insurance will cover the cost of your iontophoresis machine, that RA Fischer is clear choice. We have a successful track record of getting patients The Fischer at no cost to them.

At the end of the day, you’re not just buying a product – you’re buying into an experience. While Hidrex is a reputable and FDA-Cleared alternative, we believe that RA Fischer Co. offers a superior support experience and a modern device that’s safter, easier to use, and more effective. Plus, you’ll get all the tools you’ll need – from tutorial videos to the support of your personal Treatment Specialist – to ensure you become one of the 98% of people who see success with iontophoresis treatment.