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RA Fischer vs. Creams & Anti-Perspirants

Barely able to read the names of the ingredients used in that topical hyperhidrosis cream or anti-perspirant? We don’t blame you. Take a look at how these options match up against The Fischer.

The Fischer
  • One-time cost

  • All-natural

  • Use every 2-4 weeks

Creams & Anti-Perspirants
  • Recurring Co-pays

  • Chemicals

  • Daily application

I. Reputation

“Propantheline, scopolamine, and poldine methylsulfate were among the anticholinergics used experimentally for hyperhidrosis. Topical propantheline delivered by aerosol was effective in decreasing plantar sweating in institutionalized patients. Poldine methosulfate and glycopyrronium bromide were delivered via iontophoresis in two different studies, with some reduction in palmoplantar symptoms. In such prior studies, axillary hyperhidrosis did not respond as well, and systemic side effects were noted in many patients, particularly when higher doses were used.”


Methylsulfate? Glycopyrronium bromide? Jeeze. Been studying for the SAT lately? Iontophoresis only uses the organic minerals found in tap water and a mild electrical current, so you aren’t putting any dangerous chemicals in your body.


II. Usability


Creams and anti-perspirants need to be reapplied daily, if not throughout the day. While using the right anti-perspirant in combination with a treatment like iontophoresis can promote a healthier lifestyle, it shouldn’t’ be relied on as a long-term sweat solution.

If you’re a parent of a child with hyperhidrosis, make sure you read the label on that cream or anti-perspirant carefully. Review the side-effects with your doctor. Then, ask them about all-natural iontophoresis, and learn why RA Fischer Co. is the preferred choice for younger patients.

III. Cost

Hyperhidrosis creams and anti-perspirants are a recurring monthly cost, and they add up quickly. Whether it’s co-pays, trips to the pharmacy, or just the cost of the cream itself, these temporary fixes end up being the more expensive options long-term.

Compare that to iontophoresis, which is a one-time upfront cost covered by your insurance provider (minus patient deductibles and co-pays). Need more flexibility? RA Fischer Co. now offers a financing program with monthly plans to spread out your patient responsibilities over 3, 6 or 12-months.