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The Fischer vs. The Competition

Here’s some truth you might not be expecting: all of these solutions we’re about to compare work (to varying degrees, of course). But deciding on the right one to treat your excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis boils down to three key factors:

  • Safety

    Are there side-effects?

  • Ease-of-Use

    How does it work?

  • Effectiveness

    Does it really work?

Comparing the durability of The Fischer – a metal-free iontophoresis device – to traditional aluminum and steel setups.

Comparing our all-natural iontophoresis treatment to prescription hyperhidrosis medications, which are known to have serious side-effects.

Comparing at-home iontophoresis to ETS Surgery, which doctors consider the “last resort” of hyperhidrosis solutions (there’s a VERY good reason why).

Comparing the long-lasting benefits of iontophoresis to daily-application solutions like hyperhidrosis creams and prescription anti-perspirants.

Comparing The Fischer and iontophoresis treatment to regular Botox injections for palmar, plantar, and axillary hyperhidrosis patients.

Comparing our FDA-Cleared iontophoresis machine with dangerous DIY versions (car battery + water + pie pans = scary thought).