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Fischer Iontophoresis Device vs ETS Surgery

Comparing Hyperhidrosis Solutions
Comparing the Fischer Iontophoresis Device vs ETS/ELS Surgery reveals a clear path for those seeking a safe, effective, and non-invasive option for managing hyperhidrosis. The Fischer, by RA Fischer Co., represents a significant advancement in non-invasive treatment options, standing in stark contrast to Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery.

While ETS involves an invasive approach that may require deflating a lung to access and sever the sympathetic nerve, The Fischer provides a safe, at-home alternative that avoids such drastic measures. Unlike Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery—a final resort that requires invasive procedures such as deflating your lung to sever the sympathetic nerve—The Fischer offers a non-invasive, at-home solution.

Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery


Imagine undergoing ETS surgery to stop excessive hand sweating, only to be met with compensatory sweating elsewhere. Many patients express regret after ETS, encountering this unwanted side effect. A study from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found that 90% of patients who received ETS for underarm sweating experienced compensatory sweating, with half of these individuals needing to change their clothes throughout the day due to the issue.

Conversely, The Fischer Iontophoresis device ensures effective treatment for hands, feet, and underarms without serious side effects or compensatory sweating.


Our Treatment Specialists at RA Fischer Co. have encountered numerous patients who regret their decision to undergo ETS surgery. In contrast, iontophoresis is non-surgical, with no serious side-effects and no compensatory sweating.

Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery

How Does ETS Surgery Work?

ETS surgery disrupts nerve signals to reduce sweating, requiring complex procedures and potentially leading to irreversible changes. In stark contrast, using The Fischer iontophoresis device is straightforward: immerse your hands in two water trays for 15-20 minutes at home. No surgical risks or hospital visits.

Furthermore, testimonials highlight the drawbacks of ETS surgery, such as compensatory sweating and other significant lifestyle impacts. These accounts solidify the case for considering Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery when exploring hyperhidrosis treatments.


"The most invasive treatment for hyperhidrosis is the surgical interruption of the thoracic sympathetic chain, a procedure done with the goal of permanently stopping sweating in the area innervated by the involved ganglia. Sympathectomy has been shown to be very effective for palmar sweating, but is less effective for axillary symptoms. Although now done as a minimally invasive technique using video-assisted endoscopy, the procedure is still associated with complications that lead most clinicians to reserve this procedure for patients with severe symptoms who have failed to improve with more-conservative treatment."
Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery

lifestyle impact and risks of ets surgery

Beyond the financial burden, let’s talk about the toll ETS surgery can take on your lifestyle.


Randy Choi, co-founder of the Thompson Tee, discusses his experience on his company’s website. He lists compensatory sweating (aka sweating in new places), psychological fatigue, skin problems, and slowed metabolism among the chief side-effects he experienced.

Many individuals who undergo ETS surgery often report experiencing significant and life-altering complications. Other than compensatory sweating, ETS surgery can change bodily functions such as: 

Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery


While ETS surgery can be a costly venture with variable insurance support, The Fischer iontophoresis device often receives coverage, offering a long-term, cost-effective solution for hyperhidrosis. With comprehensive support available, including tutorial videos and direct access to Treatment Specialists, RA Fischer Co. ensures a high success rate for users.

The Fischer iontophoresis device is a one-time investment, often  covered through insurance, with long-lasting results. Our flexible financing options allow you to cover your patient responsibility over time. Talk to our Treatment Specialists about your retail options, too.


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Fischer Iontophoresis vs ETS Surgery

Is the Fischer right for you?

In the comparison between The Fischer's non-invasive approach and the surgical route of ETS for hyperhidrosis management, The Fischer stands out for its distinct advantages.

The Fischer offers a safe, at-home alternative to ETS surgery, eliminating risks like compensatory sweating and downtime. With a 98% success rate, it ensures effective treatment for hands and feet without surgery’s drawbacks.

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