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The Fischer vs. Prescription Medications

Ever wonder why every prescription medication commercial you see features a laundry list of side-effects? Because there’s a laundry list of side-effects! And hyperhidrosis prescription medications are no exception. Patients we’ve worked with have reported trouble urinating. Their eyes dried out. That’s because, while prescription medications may prevent you from sweating, they wring you dry completely. Dry mouth. Blurred vision. The list goes on and on.

The Fischer
  • One-time cost

  • All-natural

  • No serious side-effects

  • Recurring Co-pays

  • Chemicals

  • Long-list of side-effects

I. Reputation

Weigh those side-effects to RA Fischer Co.’s all-natural iontophoresis treatment. With zero side-effects beyond light skin irritation (from overuse), it’s no wonder why so many pediatricians refer their younger patients to us. In fact, we’ve worked with children as young as six-years-old!

Here’s a quote from a patient who switched to The Fischer:

“I have been battling palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember (now age 25). I tried Drysol, anticholingergics, Qbrexza, and Carpe lotion. They either dried out my hands too much to the point where they were cracking, caused too many adverse side effects that I didn’t think were worth it, or just didn’t control my sweating enough.”


II. Usability


Prescription medications are a 1-2x a day commitment versus 2-3x a month iontophoresis treatment. If you’re a parent of a child with hyperhidrosis, we strongly urge you to consider the side effects of taking hyperhidrosis medications. Instead, pop your kid’s favorite TV show on Netflix for a 15-20 minute iontophoresis session; share a story with them; spend more quality time together.

III. Cost

Iontophoresis is a long-term solution, and with flexible payment options, the total cost of ownership makes it the more affordable alternative to prescription medications. Those pharmacy visits add up, after all. Co-pays, paying for a random month out of pocket, the gas it takes to run back and forth to the pharmacy once a month – what is your time worth?

Interested in learning if your insurance will cover the cost of our iontophoresis device? Contact one of our Treatment Specialists who are standing by to answer your questions.