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The Fischer vs. ETS Surgery

This is the scary one: Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery. Seen as the last resort in hyperhidrosis solutions, ETS surgery is an invasive medical procedure. For axillary hyperhidrosis patients, the surgeon will have to deflate your lung in order to severe the sympathetic nerve. Deflate. Your. Lung! How can that really compare to all-natural, at-home iontophoresis?

The Fischer
  • Treat At Home

  • All-natural

  • No serious side-effects

ETS Surgery
  • Operating Table

  • Severed nerves

  • Compensatory sweating

I. Reputation

“The most invasive treatment for hyperhidrosis is the surgical interruption of the thoracic sympathetic chain, a procedure done with the goal of permanently stopping sweating in the area innervated by the involved ganglia. Sympathectomy has been shown to be very effective for palmar sweating, but is less effective for axillary symptoms. Although now done as a minimally invasive technique using video-assisted endoscopy, the procedure is still associated with complications that lead most clinicians to reserve this procedure for patients with severe symptoms who have failed to improve with more-conservative treatment.”



II. Usability


Imagine this: you go to the doctor because your hands sweat heavily. You agree to ETS surgery. Good news! It worked – your hands no longer sweat. Only problem? Now you sweat everywhere else.

At RA Fischer Co., our Treatment Specialists have stories from patients who wish they had never heard of ETS surgery. Iontophoresis is non-surgical, with no serious side-effects.

What does ETS involve? The surgery attempts to interrupt the transmission of nerve signals from sympathetic ganglia that send fibers to the sweat area. Surgeons do this by destroying the ganglia or by severing the sympathetic trunk, using electrocautery or a laser.

Hear that? Lasers! Compare that to RA Fischer Co.’s iontophoresis treatment, which involves placing your hands in two trays of water for 15-20 minutes. Doesn’t really compare, does it?

III. Cost

It’s surgery, meaning it’s inherently expensive. But you already knew that. Maybe you’re expecting your insurance to cover the cost, but your provider will require you to exhaust every other treatment option before agreeing to pay for surgery.

Beyond the financial burden, let’s talk about the toll ETS surgery can take on your lifestyle. Randy Choi, co-founder of the Thompson Tee, discusses his experience on his company’s website. He lists compensatory sweating (aka sweating in new places), psychological fatigue, skin problems, and slowed metabolism among the chief side-effects he experienced.

When it comes to your health and happiness, why risk it? Iontophoresis is 98% effective for people struggling with hyperhidrosis, 1/10th the cost of ETS surgery, and has zero serious side-effects.