How to Talk to Teens About Their Sweating Issues (Without Embarrassing Them)

Those who have Hyperhidrosis are bound to suffer through excessive sweating at the most inopportune times. Having a teen with the condition is almost a hundred times worse. Puberty and Hyperhidrosis? No thanks. We need to find a way to talk to teens about this relatively common condition without drawing alarm or attention to them. So, how on earth do we do that?

Understanding Hyperhidrosis

Understanding Hyperhidrosis is an excellent place to start. Is high school awkward enough with teachers or parents misunderstanding the situation and guiding them to a positive outcome? Understanding what the condition is and what it does is the starting block to which all parents and teachers should adhere.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that sees the sufferer unable to control how much they sweat. Attacks can come regularly or once in a while, can affect the whole body or targeted areas, and can have a severe negative impact on mental health. For a reasonably ironic look at the problems a sufferer has to face every day, see this article on Healthline. If you want to know more about the condition, the symptoms, and what you can do about it, see this article, by the NHS.

How to Talk to Teens About Hyperhidrosis?

The problem with teenagers is that talking to them about anything at all can be difficult. However, Hyperhidrosis is not a condition you can allow to let lie. It will undermine their confidence on a day-to-day level, have them avoiding activities that trigger attacks, and even have them hiding from their peers altogether. Ignoring the problem is not an option. So, what do we say?


To talk to your teen about Hyperhidrosis, sit them down somewhere quietly and reassure them that they are not in trouble. You may have seen them sweating a lot or noticed that they have been going through a lot of clothes – but it is essential to remind them that this is normal. It is estimated that around 33% of American adults believe that they also suffer from uncontrollable sweating. So, your teen s not alone.

It is part of our job as parents to have the personal hygiene talks with our children anyway, so adding Hyperhidrosis into the conversation needn’t be difficult. It is essential to point out that everyone sweats – but that there are things you can do about it. Talking to you, as their parent, is the first step towards getting treatment and treatment improves the symptoms for more than 90% of sufferers who try it.

Treating Hyperhidrosis with Iontophoresis

Hyperhidrosis is not a lifelong condition anymore and can be treated. When you chose to treat it with Iontophoresis, you will be joining a treatment plan with a 91% success rate – so there is hope for your teen yet! The Iontophoresis device is an all-natural piece of technology that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It is FDA approved, safe to use, and comes with some glowing reviews that can attest to its usefulness.

Why not try an Iontophoresis device in your own home? It may be the solution you and your teenager need to help fight back against this adverse condition and get them back in top fighting form! Contact our Treatment Specialists to find out more and to start your healing journey.

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