Smudge Marks on Homework: What It Means for Your Students!

There are many subtle signs that a student might have Hyperhidrosis, but these signs can easily pass by the untrained eye. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating and can make your student nervous, shy, withdrawn – and even the victim of bullying. Smudge marks on homework might be the only sign you get from a student in desperate need of help.

What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that makes a person sweat too much. Usually, this sweat is localized to areas like the hands and feet or the underarms. Sometimes Hyperhidrosis covers the student’s entire body with sweat. It can also be caused by an underlying medical condition or occurs on its own. You can read more about Hyperhidrosis, what it is, and why it happens, in this article, by Web MD.

Too much sweating might not seem like a huge problem, but to a youngster trying to find their way in the world, it presents some serious social and psychological barriers. A confident student might suddenly become shy and withdrawn, or they may stop participating in activities which trigger their sweats.


Excessive Sweating Affects Confidence

All you need to do is glance over this report on how Hyperhidrosis affects the quality of a person’s life to know how much of a big deal it is. There are ways that teachers and parents can spot the signs of Hyperhidrosis in the classroom or during homework sessions, that may be able to help the child understand their plight.

Some of the Signs of Hyperhidrosis in Students Include:

  • Excessive sweating of the hands and feet becomes apparent
  • Excessive underarm sweating or full body sweating occurs
  • Dropping a pen and pencil more times than is normal might mean they have slippery hands
  • Refusing to participate in activities could be another way to avoid showing the sweats
  • Wiping their hands on their clothing a lot – or even changing their clothing midway through the day can be a sign of Hyperhidrosis
  • Don’t forget those smudge marks on their homework!

Recognizing the signs of this debilitating condition is one of the first ways we can help combat the stigma surrounding it. It is also worth noting that Hyperhidrosis is treatable through a method known as Iontophoresis, which has proven thoroughly effective in more than 90% of patients.

The Iontophoresis Experts

RA Fischer provides an FDA-approved Iontophoresis device that can help you and your students overcome the difficulties presented by living life with Hyperhidrosis. Get in touch with our Treatment Specialists to learn if our specialist treatments are the right way forward for you.

Iontophoresis might be the tool you need to fight back against those bullies, forever. Discussing it with students may open doors for them that they never thought they would achieve. It all starts with a simple conversation, and it could end in a better life for everyone involved.

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