Finding The Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Since it was discovered that men and women sweat, scientists have been looking for an answer. Luckily this means that there are a range of treatments available.

The first and most important thing you need to realize if you are a sufferer of Hyperhidrosis is that you are not alone. Conservative guesses put the figure at something in the range of between 2 and 3 percent of the American Population. That might not sound like much, but that translates to roughly 7 million people.

Like you, there are 6,999,999 other people out there seeking the best solution for this condition!

In this article, we will attempt to find the best solutions for Hyperhidrosis by examining the range of treatments available and finding out what customers are saying about them. Ultimately, you don’t need to live with excess sweating – you need to find a way to manage it.


These have been around for a long time now and need to be applied daily or every few hours for some. When you have Hyperhidrosis, the regular supermarket brands just won’t do, but a GP can prescribe a super strength one that can be used on all the main sites associated with the condition. Go away anywhere without it and you are in trouble. It also tends to wear off during the night and leave you waking up soaked.



Botox has been increasingly used to varying degrees of success to block up the sweat producing cells in the underarms. This is successful but needs reapplication every few months, which means more painful injections. Then once you see the bill – you’ll really start sweating!

Glycopyrrolate or Clonidine

These Systemic Medications can be taken orally to treat the condition. It often works but Doctors are very reluctant to prolonged chemical use for treatment of this condition. It is more likely that they will prescribe it to be taken in extenuating circumstances only. Rumor has it that medications also leads to extreme drying of the eyes and mouth, as well as painful urination.



A surgeon will be able to perform an operation on the sites you sweat in. Needless to say this might well solve your problem, but it is also invasive, costly if not covered by insurance, and considered to be the very last treatment option.


By far the best option, Iontophoresis is an all natural way to manage this condition at home without frequent costs. This treatment uses an Iontophoresis device to pass a mild electrical current through water while you bathe the affected areas. Use it a few times a week at first and then a few times a month thereafter. The mild current blocks the cells from releasing the sweat, affording you long-lasting coverage and confidence you’ve been looking for.

Try Iontophoresis At home

Iontophoresis devices are now available for home purchase, meaning you can undergo treatment while watching a half-hour episode of our favorite TV show on Netflix!

We found Iontophoresis to be the best way to treat Hyperhidrosis. Try it for yourself risk-free for 60-days and let us know how it works out for you!

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