Dry Under Pressure: Ways to Combat Your Hyperhidrosis in High Pressure Situations

Pretty much every person you’ll ever meet is familiar with the phenomenon of nervous sweats. 

Long before Eminem immortalized them with his lyrics, sweaty palms were something we’ve all had to deal with, especially in high pressure situations. For people suffering with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, these situations can be exponentially worse. So whether it’s a job interview or the most important meeting of your life, we’ll show you how to stay dry under pressure.

  1. Dress for the occasion: Wearing the right kind of clothes can definitely make a difference in managing your excessive sweating. If possible, opt for cotton or other breathable fabrics. Sweat-wicking materials can be especially handy. In cooler weather, try wearing close-fitted underclothes to absorb sweat so it doesn’t soak through your outer layer. It may also help to deodorize the night before as well as the morning of your event. Last but not least, pack a hanky to dry sweaty hands right before show time.
  2. Skip the triple shot: While we totally understand the need for that first morning cuppa, your coffee habits can actually wreak havoc on your hyperhidrosis. Caffeine increases adrenaline, adrenaline makes your heart pound, your heart pounding increases your body temperature, and BAM! Let there be sweat! Now imagine your body going through this process when your heart is already keeping rhythm to an EDM track due to nerves. Do yourself a favor and step away from the espresso shock.
  3. Be prepared: Meetings, presentations, and interviews can be especially nerve-wracking, especially if you’re also worried about your sweaty palms. The best way to combat those nerves is to be prepared. Take notes, write down speaking points, questions, or any other important facts you need to remember. Practice your speech in the mirror or lip-sync into a hairbrush if it helps you feel like the rock star you are. Ask yourself the hard questions and prepare answers so you won’t stumble in the interview. Preparation equals confidence.
  4. Find your Zen zone: When the pressure is on, it’s important to be able to find your balance. Apply your yoga breathes to the real world; in for 8 counts, out for 8. Try listening to music that’s calming to you; whether that Bach or Nine Inch Nails. If you’re like me and your family is your rock, look at a picture of your loved ones before heading in and remember that they’re rooting for you. Always visualize the situation going really well.
  5. Be proactive: while the previous tips can do wonders for your nerves and your sweaty hands on the day off a big event, the best offense really is to be proactive about managing your hyperhidrosis. There are many treatment options available, including our Fischer Iontophoresis devices. Our Iontophoresis units use the minerals in your tap water and a gentle electric current to create a plug in your skin against sweat. So not only will you be dry on important occasions, you’ll have relief from your excessive sweating every single day and be ready no matter what comes your way.