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Silicon-Graphite Electrodes


Active Treatment Display (ATD)


Direct & Pulsed Current


3-Button Interface


Custom pH-Balancing Inserts


Ergonomic Armrests

RA Fischer vs. Dermadry

Dermadry is a Canadian-based iontophoresis company. The Fischer’s modern iontophoresis treatment far surpasses theirs in terms of speed, effectiveness, and safety. Even better: RA Fischer is able to work directly with insurance companies to get the cost of the device covered for patients, whereas Dermadry is only available out-of-pocket. Read on for technical comparisons.

Key differences
  •    Silicone-Graphite Electrodes
  •    Flexible Underarm


  •    Direct & Pulsed

       Current Switch

  •    Active Treatment Display
  •    High Current
  •    High Power
  •    Treats hands & feet

       at the same time

  •    Warranty


Covered By Major Insurances
  • (30 mA)
  • (60v)
  • Full, Covers All Essentials


  • (25/15/8 mA)
  • (30/48/55v)
  • Limited, Only Control Unit

I. Reputation

The Dermadry is a Pulsed Current-only iontophoresis device. The Fischer features a Direct Current and Pulsed Current switch, giving patients the flexibility of both options. Here is why that’s important:

“If you go to literature and clinical studies, Direct Current is really the most effective way to treat hyperhidrosis. With Pulsed Current, the Direct Current is switched on and off in very short cycles. This results in a different awareness of the electricity, a different feeling. Literature and clinical studies tell us that the efficacy is reduced. So I recommend that if you’re starting with iontophoresis, start with Direct Current. Keep it simple. This is the most effective way to see results. From my point of view, the most important thing in the beginning is to see results as soon as possible. That’s why we recommend the Direct Current. For patients who may only be able to tolerate 1-3mA, if you’re quite sensitive to that, the Pulsed Current might be more practical for you. But this current only works a certain portion of the time, so Pulsed Current is always less effective than Direct Current.” – Dr. Rolf Eilers


II. Usability

The Fischer’s waterbath trays are larger than the Dermadry’s, granting palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis patients the luxury of treating both hands and both feet at the same time. This reduces the total treatment time in half, making The Fischer 2x as fast as the Dermadry. Here are some other technical specs:

  • Fischer max current: 30ma
  • Dermadry max. current: 25, 15 and 8 mA (Feet, Hands, Underarms)
  • Fischer max voltage: 60v
  • Dermadry max voltage: 55, 48, 30v

III. From Their IFU

  • “Completely corroded electrodes can prevent the device from delivering current. They are consumables and should be replaced when necessary.”
  • $189 in replacement costs over first 5-years
    • “Every 1-2 years towels, underarm electrodes and tray electrodes shall be replaced.”
      • 2 (replacements) x ($ 9 + $ 27 + $ 36) = $ 144
    • “Every years underarm pockets shall be replaced.”
      • 5 (replacements) x $ 9 = $ 45