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  • Prescribing Iontophoresis

    Safe, Effective & Affordable
    For Patients With Hyperhidrosis

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Forms & Download Guides for Prescribers

Insurance & Physician Packet

For patients looking to get The Fischer covered by insurance. Complete this packet and include chart notes.

Patient RX Form

Prescription form for The Fischer Tap Water Iontophoresis Device, to be filled out by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Insurance Reimbursement Guide

For patients who have purchased The Fischer out-of-pocket but whom wish to seek reimbursement directly from their insurance provider.


Meet the New Fischer Iontophoresis Device

The Fischer iontophoresis machine provides sweat relief for Palmar, Plantar, and Axillary Hyperhidrosis patients with state-of-the-art silicone-graphite electrodes. Ask our Treatment Specialists to check on your patients’ insurance benefits and eligibility today!


This Machine Works!

“My son has suffered for several years with hyperhidrosis and it has affected his quality of life. Thankfully, this machine works!!! He has been taking oral medication for years (that has side effects) and he has been able to lower his dosage after using this machine for a few weeks. We are hoping to completely stop taking the medication soon and just rely on the machine solely. His confidence and self esteem has improved!”

— Stephanie

Prescribing Iontophoresis for Treating Hyperhidrosis


    Send Paperwork

    Complete the Insurance & Physician’s Packet or RX Authorization Form above. Then, email it to, or fax it to (818) 775-2941.


    Eligibility & Benefits

    Our Treatment Specialist will check into your patient’s insurance coverage. They’ll make contact with your patient to review their policy details like deductibles and gap exceptions.




    Our Treatment Specialists file the prior-authorization request on behalf of your patient. We submit the paperwork you’ve provided, including the medical letter of necessity and chart notes. These elements strengthen the patient’s case for coverage. Insurance companies then have 14-business-days to respond.


    File Claim

    Once your patient signs an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form, we’ll file ther insurance claim for The Fischer VPD. Providers can take 60-90 days on average to approve claims. Even if prior-authorization has been approved, it does not guarantee payment or coverage of The Fischer. Insurance companies may cite policy language, deductible requirements, or deem iontophoresis as experimental/investigational, despite our best efforts to advocate on behalf of your patient.



    Ship Device

    Once we file your patient’s claim, we’ll ship their device the same day. Shipping takes 3-5 days, and then most patients notice reduction in sweat within the first 2-weeks.

Want to get iontophoresis covered for a patient?

How The Fischer Works

Using a mild electric current, The Fischer plugs your sweat pores with the natural minerals found in tap water. The result is an all-natural, long-lasting dryness barrier. 98% successful for hyperhidrosis patients who are still struggling with sweating.

Our Personal Treatment Specialists

Every patient you refer to us is assigned a personal Treatment Specialist. This individual serves as a single point of contact for your patient, guiding them from insurance eligibility through the setup and technical support for their device.

  • Experienced filing prior-authorizations and claims
  • Unlimited technical support for your patients
  • Trained in HIPAA compliance
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional

60-Day Satisfaction

Two months is more
than enough time to make
sure iontophoresis works for your patient.

Lightning Fast Shipping
And Easy Returns

We can ship the same day that
we receive prior-authorization
approval for your patient.


We stand by our product,
with some of our devices
still going strong after 30+ years.