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Straight Tip vs Coude Tip Catheters: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

Millions of people live with urinary incontinence and/or retention issues. To help alleviate symptoms, urologists often prescribe intermittent catheters. Patients will traditionally begin with a straight tip catheter. However, for those who may experience discomfort or regular urinary tract infections, a curved, or coude tip catheter may be the choice for you.

When Your Catheter Doesn’t Fit Quite Right

Whenever a straight tip catheter doesn’t fit quite right, our Treatment Specialsts recommend trying a sample of our coude tip catheters. Coude catheters are like their traditional straight tip counterparts, only they feature a curved, angled tip. This can improve and simplify the self-catheterization experience for patients who experience regular discomfort.

Coude tip catheters are most popular among male and pediatric patients. Other common medical issues that may require patients may make the switch from their straight tip catheter:

Insurance Coverage for Coude Tips

Insurance companies like Medicare and Medicade that cover catheterizations also cover coude tip catheters. Your policy dictates what type of catheters and the monthly amount that will be covered. For example, Medicare covers 200 catheters monthly, allowing patients to self-cath up to 7x per day.

Insurance coverage for coude tip catheters, however, require additional documentation that outlines why the change from a straight tip is medically necessary. Some common reasons cited include discomfort and/or recurring infections. If you need a referral to a urologist to prescribe a coude tip catheter, contact our Treatment Specialists who can connect you with a telehealth provider.

Not sure what exactly your insurance covers? Our Treatment Specialists are here to help. We work with insurance companies on your behalf and can review your eligibility, including out-of-pocket options. Every patient is assigned a personal Treatment Specialists who serves as their single point of contact moving forward. Soon, you’ll probably be on a first name basis with them!

Different Types of Coude Tip Catheters

Our coude tip catheters are all made with the same chemical-free materials as straight tip catheters. They are DEHP/DINP & BPA-Free. There are several different varieties of coude tip catheters, including:  

Sample a Coude Tip Catheter

Here at RA Fischer, our Treatment Specialists can provide you with coude tip catheter samples so you can tangibly experience the differences firsthand. Our ordering process is 100% online, and with monthly subscriptions available, you can “set and forget” your essential urology supplies.  

Get started by reviewing your insurance coverage and/or out-of-pocket options with a Treatment Specialist today!