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Silicon-Graphite Electrodes


Active Treatment Display (ATD)


Direct & Pulsed Current


3-Button Interface


Custom pH-Balancing Inserts


Ergonomic Armrests

The Fischer vs. Drionic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s an FDA warning letter about Drionic worth? This posted warning from the FDA accuses Drionic of failing to meet basic manufacturing standards, customer service expectations, and clinical proof to legally sell in the US.

Key differences
  •    Silicone-Graphite Electrodes
  •    Flexible Underarm Electrodes
  •    Active Treatment Display
  •    High Current
  •    100% Coverage of Palms & Soles
  •    Treats Hands & Feet Simultaneously
  •    Battery Replacement Costs
  •    All-in-One Device
  •    Long Term Warranty


Covered By Major Insurances
  • (30 mA)
  • None
  • 4-Years


  • (14 mA)
  • High (battery-operated)
  • 6-Months (months!)

I. Reputation

At RA Fischer Co., we’ve been meeting and exceeding the FDA’s high expectations for over 30 years. Official representatives tour our Southern California-based facility to inspect our processes and procedures. While the paperwork can be expensive, we’re proud to say that we’ve built our business the right way.

We also offer a longer 4-Year Warranty as well as a hassle-free support system for returns. If a part needs to be repaired, do you really want to ship your device internationally? With us, you’re shipping to our headquarters in Simi Valley, CA.


II. Usability

There’s a pretty big reason why there’s a pretty big price difference between our iontophoresis devices and those offered by Drionic. The Drionic model is battery powered. Worse yet, the batteries are proprietary, meaning you have to continue to purchase them from Drionic on a recurring basis just to be able to use their machine. A few other things tokeep in mind:

  • Drionic’s aluminum electrodes corrode and need to be replaced
  • These electrodes can release aluminum ions into the water
  • Your fingernails are submerged during treatment even though they’re very sensitive and don’t sweat
  • Drionic’s electrodes need to be unscrewed to be removed
  • Only a 6-month warranty
  • Just a thumbwheel for adjusting the current, so you never really know how many milliamperes you’re using

III. From Their IFU

  • “Treatment duration up to 60 min per day …”
  • “Treatment will includes all areas submerges beneath the water level …” (which doesn’t completely cover the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet)
  • $100 in replacement costs per year per area being treated
    • “Battery life may vary between 10 and 12 half-hour treatments”
      • Daily use for the first 6 weeks: 6 x 7 days = 56 half-hour treatments
      • Weekly use for the rest of the year: 45 weeks, 45 half-hour treatments
      • About 100 half-hour treatments per year, means battery consumption of 10 batteries per year per single limb
      • Battery costs per year per extremity = 10 x $ 8 = $ 80