In-Office vs. At-Home Iontophoresis Treatments: Things Worth Considering

Does this sound familiar? 

“We’re up to treatment 3x times a week and she has only seem minimal improvements. What are the recommended treatment schedules? The clinic is an hour’s drive each way and is the only one in the state that does it.” 

That’s a transcript from a chat with an actual patient who was researching at-home iontophoresis options for his teenaged daughter. If it sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone. Some hyperhidrosis patients are introduced to iontophoresis via in-office treatments supervised by a physician, dermatologist, or podiatrist. But when it comes to time for at-home devices, what are some things worth considering?  

Personal Time

Because it is recommended that patients start out treating at least 3x a week, commuting into the medical clinic becomes a personal time investment. Consistency is key to seeing success, so patients will often opt for an at-home device to treat from the comfort of their living room.

Once dryness has been established, patients will have to continue treating with a maintenance phase. While that may be only one session every few weeks to months for some patients, having an at-home device means you are self-sufficient.

Different CPT Codes

The CPT Code or HCPS Code is required by insurance companies to identify the medical equipment. While in-office iontophoresis treatments fall under codes A9900 and A9999, any at-home iontophoresis device will fall under the E1399 code. This “miscellaneous durable medical equipment” designation requires DME companies, patients, or their providers to submit additional paperwork proving medical necessity. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry! Our Treatment Specialists here at RA Fischer can guide you through that process. 

Before you submit a prior-authorization or reimbursement requests to your insurance company, make sure you’re using the correct code. 


For pediatric hyperhidrosis patients, a positive mindset can mean the difference between successful adoption of the treatment, and giving up. Being required to trek into a doctor’s office for regular sessions can hang a negative cloud over the experience. Treating at home, on the other hand, and being able to watch a favorite TV show or sports event, turns iontophoresis “treatments” into “investments” in your long-term health and wellness. Nobody complains about having to go to the spa, do they? Iontophoresis can and should be viewed the same way! 

If you are the parent or guardian of a child struggling with excessive sweating, a school nurse who has noticed a student exhibiting symptoms, or feel like you yourself may be living with hyperhidrosis undiagnosed, reach out to one of our Treatment Specialists. They can answer your questions and share other patient success stories. Believe us, we have heard it all, so never feel embarrassed to ask for help or seek other solutions.  

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