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Looking for more information on hyperhidrosis, the insurance coverage process, or general iontophoresis help?

Insurance Reimbursement Guide

Seek payment from your provider without first waiting for approval.

RA Fischer Co. Overview

Who are we? Learn more about our history and hyperhidrosis solution.

Insurance & Physician Packet

Bring this to your doctor to help explain your symptoms and get a prescription.

2019 Desktop Calendar – RA Fischer Co

A monthly calendar to help motivate you past your hyperhidrosis.

Back-to-School Letter

A letter for your student to hand to teacher that explains hyperhidrosis.

MD-1 vs. MD-2 Comparison Chart

Comparing our MD-1 (analog) and MD-2 (digital) iontophoresis devices.

Hyperhidrosis Solutions Comparison Chart

Comparing your options, from antipersperants to medications.

Iontophoresis Physicians Booklet

Everything you need to know as a medical practitioner to prescribe iontophoresis.

Pediatric Hyperhidrosis – Gordon & Hill

Scientific paper published 2013.

Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis by Iontophoresis – Stolman

Scientific paper published 1987.

Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis Practical Management – Benohanian, Boudjikanian & Paylan

Scientific paper published 2007.

Hyperhidrosis Management Options – McConaghy

Scientific paper published 2018.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

Scientific paper published 2012.

Instruction Manual for Model MD-2

Updated instruction manual for the RA Fischer MD-2 Iontophoresis device.