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The Fischer vs. DIY

Read through some of the hyperhidrosis support groups online and you’ll find tons of information on ‘Doing It Yourself’ iontophoresis. These makeshift home contraptions are comprised of pie tins and car batteries. While we certainly applaud ingenuity here at RA Fischer Co., the risks involved with DIY’ing iontophoresis simply can’t be ignored.

The Fischer
  • FDA-Cleared

  • Clinically-proven

  • 4-Year Warranty

  • Not FDA-Cleared

  • Mixed results

  • No support

I. Reputation

RA Fischer Co.’s iontophoresis devices come backed by proven clinical data. In fact, our treatment is 98% successful! Can you say the same thing about the device you Googled how to make?

When it comes to customer experience, our team of Treatment Specialists are here to answer your questions. Whether it’s helping secure a prescription from your doctor, investigate insurance coverage and eligibility, or answer technical support questions, your personal Treatment Specialist serves as your guide en route to seeing long-lasting dryness.


II. Usability


The #1 issue with DIY iontophoresis is that you have no idea how many milliamperes those batteries are putting out. Plus, as the batteries wane, you’re forced to treat yourself for longer, more frequently, because the power output isn’t the same.

Not only is DIY not FDA-Approved, but you have no idea what chemicals you could be accidentally introducing into your systems by using cheap, unregulated materials. Pie tins are usually coated in a non-stick polymer like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Now does that sound like a chemical you feel comfortable potentially introducing into your body? Didn’t think so.

III. Cost

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time.”

That’s how we feel about DIY’ing your own iontophoresis device. Sure, it may only cost $20 to put together, but what if you’re forced to treat 2-3x as often to see the same results?

With RA Fischer Co.’s FDA-Cleared iontophoresis device, you’ll start out at 15 – 20-minute sessions 2-3x a week. Compare that to DIY treatments, where patients admit to enduring 45 – 60-minute sessions sometimes as often as 2x a day!

If you could get back an extra 8 hours out of your week, what would that be worth?