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Need help finding a doctor in-network who’s familiar with prescribing the right solution for your hyperhidrosis aka “excessive sweating?” We’ll connect you with one of the thousands of nationwide doctors we’ve worked with over our 70+ years in business.

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A hyperhidrosis doctor can help put an end to your years of frustration and anxiety by prescribing iontophoresis treatment for your sweaty palms or feet. A hyperhidrosis specialist, aka hyperhidrosis dermatologist, can also help you in the event you have been denied insurance coverage for iontophoresis.


What type of doctor treats hyperhidrosis?


Hyperhidrosis is typically treated by several types of doctors, including:


  • General practitioners – These doctors see patients of all ages and gender
  • Family practitioners – These doctors usually treat entire families as they often share the same medical conditions
  • Internists (Internal medicine doctors) – An internist usually sees only adult patients for general medical matters
  • Dermatologists – Specializes in conditions of the skin and is often a hyperhidrosis doctor


Your Hyperhidrosis Doctor Can Assist With Insurance


Your choice of hyperhidrosis specialist is important not only for his or her expertise, but also because he or she may be an asset should your insurance company deny coverage for iontophoresis.


In that case, you can ask your hyperhidrosis doctor to write a letter indicating that there is a medical necessity for your iontophoresis treatment. Most doctors have standard letters of appeal for denied coverage so this should not be too much of an effort, and insurance companies always have standard appeal process to follow.